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Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010, Australia

Most human knowledge, and most human communication, are represented and expressed using language, both in written and spoken forms. Language technologies permit computers to process human language, providing more natural human-machine interfaces, and more sophisticated access to stored information. Language technologies will play a central role in the multilingual information society of the future.

The language technology group is conducting research in statistical language modelling, language understanding, knowledge discovery, linguistic annotation, high performance computing, and digital language archiving.

Regular Local Activities: The LT Group has a regular seminar series, group lunch, a reading group and a writing group.

Student projects


JLPT 3/4 Kanji Tester Demo (hone your Japanese reading and writing skills online)

Forthcoming Seminars: Upcoming LT Seminars can be viewed via Google Calendar. Subscribe to the lt-seminars mailing list.


Tim Baldwin
Senior Lecturer ICT-6.09 x41363 home
Lexical acquisition, information extraction, web mining and computational lexical semantics.
Steven Bird
Associate Professor ICT-6.07 x41361 home
Formal and computational models for linguistic annotation, analysis and documentation.
Lawrence Cavedon
NICTA Senior Research Fellow ICT-6.13 x41282 home
Multimodal Dialog
Su Nam Kim
Research Fellow ICT-6.05   home
Language identification and web mining
David Martinez
NICTA Research Fellow 193-2.22 x41406 home
text mining, information extraction, biomedical text processing
Patrick Ye
Research Fellow ICT-6.09   home
Automatic summarisation, text mining
Lars Yencken
NICTA Research Engineer 193-2.22   home
Biomedical text mining


Clint Burfoot
Masters Student ICT-6.05
Unsupervised and semi-supervised information extraction from the web
Jim Breen
PhD Student ICT-6.05 home
Extraction of neologisms in Japanese corpora
Richard Fothergill
MS Student ICT-6.05 home
WSD in translation aids for second language learners
Sumukh Ghodke
Masters Student ICT-6.05
Querying Databases of Hierarchical Time-Series Annotations
Karl Grieser
PhD Student ICT-6.05
Imparting Narrative on Sequences of Physical Objects with Sparse Data
Edward Ivanovic
PhD Student ICT-6.05 home
Information extraction, knowledge acquisition, and semantic representation in a dialogue system
Marco Lui
Honours Student  
Text categorisation and language identification
Andrew MacKinlay
Masters Student ICT-6.05
Information extraction over diverse domains using deep parsing techniques
Olivia March
Masters Student ICT-6.05
Multi-document summarisation
Jeremy Nicholson
PhD Student ICT-6.05 home
Bootstrapping deep lexical acquisition
Richard Penman
Research Assistant  
Web forum analysis and information retrieval
Willy Yap
Masters Student ICT-6.05 home
Information extraction toolkit
Lars Yencken
PhD Student ICT-6.05 home
Enhanced Japanese kanji look-up

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