An Intelligent Search Infrastructure
for Language Resources on the Web

Special Research Initiatives - E-Research SR0567353
Amount(s): 2005: AU$49,018; 2006: AU$49,018


Language occupies a central role on the web: most content is expressed in language, and most access takes place via natural language search. Today, investigation of human language depends on access to this vast store of language data. This project will develop new infrastructure for accessing language resources, namely a language-aware search engine. Language technologies will be employed to classify web content, and a special search keyword 'lang:' will constrain search results to be in the specified language. The system will be integrated with major language archives in Australia and overseas, and deployed on the high performance computing infrastructure at Melbourne University's Advanced Research Computing Centre.

Chief Investigators

Timothy Baldwin | Steven Bird | Baden Hughes

Technical Consultant

Gary Simons (SIL International)

Student Interns

Peter Lee (December 2005-February 2006)

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