Melbourne Working Group on Language Technology

Tuesday 24 June, 2003
2.00 - 4.00pm
Room 2.06 (NOTE CHANGE!)
Dept Computer Science & Software Engineering
ICT Building
University of Melbourne
111 Barry St, Carlton

Proposed Agenda

Presentations for EMELD Workshop 2003 -  Digitizing and Annotating Texts & Field Recordings

Handouts or PDFs of these papers available here
Cathy Bow, Baden Hughes, Steven Bird - University of Melbourne
"Toward a General Model of Interlinear Text"

Nick Thieberger -  University of Melbourne
"Audiamus demonstration"

Baden Hughes -  University of Melbourne
"Interlinear text facilities"

Presentation for workshop on Typological Databases at CIL17

Simon Musgrave -  Monash University
"Typology, Technology and Language Data"

Other presentations:

Anna Patterson & Heather Bowe - Monash University
"Using Shoebox & Praat for Pitjantjatjara stories"

Discussion issues:

XML/XSL support in Melbourne - Nick Thieberger

MU Language Technology Seminar series - Baden Hughes/Steven Bird

Other issues:

Other Invited Participants:

Nick Evans - University of Melbourne
Leila Behrens -  University of Koln
Linda Barwick - University of Sydney/PARADISEC

For further details contact

Cathy Bow    8344 1323 (Monday - Wednesday)