Melbourne Working Group on Language Technology

RESCHEDULED TO Tuesday 21 October, 2003
2.00 - 5.00pm
Room 404
Dept Computer Science & Software Engineering
ICT Building
University of Melbourne
111 Barry St, Carlton

Afternoon tea will be provided

Proposed Agenda

1.  Project updates

e.g. EMELD Workshop (SB, BH, DG, NT)
PARADISEC Digital Audio Archiving Workshop
Indigenous issues discussion Canberra (BH)
ALTA Summer School & Workshop
Ega (DG)

2. Possible collaborations

- grants?
- conference papers (e.g. LREC)
- joint supervision of students
- training opportunities
- other

3. Building community

- renaming Melbourne Working Group
- adding members to mailing list

Invited Participants:

Steven Bird
Dafydd Gibbon
Baden Hughes
Simon Musgrave
Nick Evans - unavailable
Leila Behrens
Nick Thieberger
Georgina Heydon
Nick Nicholas
David Bradley
John Hajek
Stephen Morey
Cathy Bow
Anna Patterson - unavailable
Heather Bowe - unavailable
Bruce Birch - unavailable

For further details contact

Cathy Bow    8344 1323 (Monday - Wednesday)